EC InfoTech was established in 2003 as an Information Technology based Extra Low Voltage integrator and service provider.

Information Technology has been part of our lives including security and home automation. With a strong team of expertise in Information Technology, we have developed our own products to improve the living environment of our clients.

From system design to installation and maintenance to repair, we also offer professional free consulting service for your requisition by our qualified technicians with professionally trained.

Access control & Car Park Control Intercom & Nurse call
Building Monitoring & Home Automation Optical Fiber
Burglar Alarm / Security & Watchman Tour Public Address & Induction loop
BRI (CABD) & SMATV Video & Digital Door Phone
CCTV & Video Equipment Walkie-Talkie & radio Paging
Electrical Installation LED Wall Installation
Residence Portal Office Directory
WIFI System PLC Programming
IOT and AI System Security Service

access control

Standalone / Network Reader - From standalone reader to network access management, our project provides the total solutions of all relation to the card access management. Offer pioneer features are not only for card access operation but it also covers the application of burgling alarm system, time attendance, elevator control, car park control etc. access capacity depends on different application.

Long Range Proximity Reader - Specially for car park application or any environment that not allow for writing but need longer range. Distance from 3 - 6m.

GPRS System - For those site that not allow for writing or with geographical limitation. We can provide the GPRS system for your needs in access.

Parking System

Many residential estates and commercial offices have adopted Octopus as an access control system, providing added convenience for residents and employees.

  • Octopus holders register their Octopus at the management office.
  • Octopus holders gain entry by placing their Octopus over the reader at the door or gate

Clubhouse Management

The easy-to-use graphical interface for facility booking shortens the booking and enquiry time and hence provides satisfactory service to members. The interface integrates most of the daily operations such as facility booking, booking confirmation, status enquiry functions in one interface and so no, in one interface, greatly streamlines the workflow of the clubhouse daily operations.

In addition, booking limitation can be applied to facilities such that members of the same family can only book a certain sections of facilities of the same facility type per day and/or per week.

Visitor Management System

Our visitor management system can streamlines the check-in process, enhances the safety and security of your facility while ensuring regulatory compliance. The entire platform is manageable from a secure online portal with never failure system. We provide the tracking service on every visitor at your facility and allow you to easily retrieve your visitor data as well as export it for further analysis.

IOT and AI System

The next big move which will shape the century will depend on internet and embedded technology. That is, in other words, Internet of Things (IOT) is what interest major players today. The prerequisites of IoT are many. Still the main components can be categorized into three categories namely “Intelligence”, “Sensing” and “Communication”. IOT examples can be found in all industries. From smart homes, buildings, retail to healthcare, smart cities and Energy Management, IOT applications are endless. It is not wrong to suggest that IOT is now becoming part of every aspect of our lives. As such, the monetization of huge volume of IOT data will become a big business opportunity in the years ahead.

In late 2018, Ec InfoTech Ltd and Harmony Asset Management Ltd formed “Starfire Technology Group Ltd”. Partnering with Terminus (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd, China, and supported by several other IOT and AI development conglomerates, Starfire provides IOT solutions installation and maintenance services to both the public and private sectors in Hong Kong. The objectives of the solutions are to enable users to save energy and resources (e.g. electricity, light, water and human resources) and, through the IOT integrated system, to enhance security and effectively monitor movement of people, lift as well as vehicles.

The scope of the services provided by Starfire (e.g. for Smart building) covers the following activities:

Mobile payment
Internal GDP
Security clearance
Smart lift operation
Smart CCTV for surveillance
Smart construction
Smart carpark
Application of “Facial Recognition Technique” for access control operation and for identifying people and their location, as well as monitoring their movement.
Monitoring and analyzing “Big Data” to explore opportunities for service development

At the moment, Starfire has identified a few residential and commercial complexes and carparks in Hong Kong for the development of IOT system.

Security Service

Because the economy is growing rapidly, there is an increased demand for high-tech security products in public, which intends to protect personal safety and property. As a licensed, registered and authorized security company by the Hong Kong SAR government, we promise to provide the most professional and reliable security system and security guarding service.

Service and product include Burglary Alarm System, CCTV System, Access Control System, Car Park Management System, Biometric System, Metal Detection System, Patrol Management System, etc. Moreover, we provide integrated security services by applying the development of security personnel, offering the security-training courses, along with the use of the x-ray machine to conduct a hi-level security check in various events or venues.